Difference between domain hosting and web hosting

difference between web hosting and domain hosting

It can get confusing on understanding the difference between domain hosting and web hosting. Often when I ask a client “Where is your domain hosted?”, they say one of the following: “Oh, I have everything in GoDaddy or X service.” “What’s domain hosting? I bought the domain many years ago, I don’t know.” “Don’t you host my website? You should know.” “I don’t know, ask my IT guy.” What is a Domain? A domain is the “master” address of your internet name, for example nearsource.net is our domain. You purchase domains at registrar sites, for example we have our own registrar¬†nearsourcehosting.com available for clients to register domains. There are many popular registrar sites like www.godaddy.com and register.com. These usually also offer web hosting as well (explained later in this article). Domains are normally purchased (registered) for 1 or more years and needs to be renewed yearly or when it expires. There is no one-time purchase option when registering a domain. […]

Follow These Basic Guidelines to Effectively SEO Your Website

Effectively SEO Your Website

For most people, search engine optimization (or SEO) can seem like some secret art that only a select few “hackers” and digital experts can understand. In reality, SEO can be practiced by anyone, regardless of your technical expertise or understanding. Effective SEO requires a lot of common sense and you can really improve the search rankings of your website by following a few simple rules and executing on them properly. If you follow these rules (even if you don’t understand why you are doing them at first) you will gradually see your website climbing in the search rankings. My name is Tim Stoddart. I am the owner of Stodzy Media. Today, I will guide you through the key points that will undoubtedly get you started on your SEO journey Let’s get started Create Valuable, Well Written Content Writers will always have a job in the SEO world. To be able to create well written, long form content is such a […]

WordPress 4.8 coming out in June 2017

WordPress 4.8 June 2017

WordPress 4.8 is already announced to be released in June 2017! This is not a security update or minor update like the past releases earlier this year. It is the first major release for 2017. WPbeginner.com has release an article with screenshots and an overview of what is coming out. If you are a WordPress enthusiast, you should check it out. Some changes that are coming: Text Widgets will now have a visual and text editor instead of just a text editor. New Image widget for sidebars New Video widget to embed videos from different sources such as Youtube and Vimeo Updated News & Events widget in the WordPress admin/dashboard page Full article below: http://www.wpbeginner.com/news/whats-coming-in-wordpress-4-8-features-and-screenshots/

How and why to use images on your website

Images On Your Website

There are many reasons to add images on your website and blog posts. Besides illustrating your content, it makes your site look nicer, more user friendly and can help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You don’t want to have a boring page with just paragraphs and no images. It has been proven that adding images increase the chances of user engagement, social media sharing and can increase your site traffic. However, you need to do it right otherwise you won’t get the most benefits out of them. If your images are too large, it will make your page load slower and page load speed is an important factor for both user experience and SEO. You have to make sure you have rights to use your images, you can’t just do a Google search and grab images and put them on your site. Where to find images for your site You can use your own photos, design files or […]