The following are some of the interesting projects that we have worked on so you can get a better idea of NearSource's capabilities. Contact us for more samples.

Cottage Rental Agency -

Online Rentals Booking Solution

Formerly a part of the seaside Development Community, the Cottage Rental Agency offers vacation rentals for properties located at the Seaside Community in Destin, Florida. NearSource developed their current Online Booking Platform for their vacation rentals. NearSource, Inc has also been providing web design, development, maintenance and hosting services for them since 2004. Cottage Rental […]

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Fit2goMeal -

Online Ordering Site Rebuild is a website that offers healthy meal delivery to south Florida customers. The client was working with a previous IT company and was having challenges to get the site more up to date and also mobile friendly. NearSource was hired to support the system and also to make a lot of improvements to the […]

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Innovative Edge

Online Insertion Order System

Innovative Edge is a lead generation and sales/advertising company. Before working with NearSource they were depending on a manual process to generate and execute lead order forms via email and print outs. NearSource was hired to create an online version of the “Insertion Order” process where sales agents can enter the lead order details and […]

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QuoteLogic -

Recording System

QuoteLogic is a group of advertising experts that offer leads for mortgage, auto warranty, home warranty, personal loan, life insurance, and auto insurance among other verticals and offer a variety of lead generation products. They needed a way to provide a system to their call center clients to manage, track and store these calls. The […]

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