SMS solutions for your business

It is possible to leverage SMS messaging for your business and integrate it with your existing applications. There are several applicable business cases and one may be a fit for you and your customers or workforce, ranging from loyalty applications to notifications.

You may have a business case where you need to send out SMS messages to specific cell phone numbers triggered by events in your system or workflow. Or you want to send out reminders to a contact list for an event or promotion. You want to leverage your contact database to do this, but you also need to manage opt-outs and the actual SMS message submission. You have contracted a 3rd party service to send out SMS messages but don’t know how to integrate it with your system. NearSource has developed and integrated different SMS solutions via web and desktop applications that can send SMS messages on demand and/or in batch sessions using different 3rd party SMS providers. Contact our sales department to get started and see if we can design a solution for you.

SMS Solutions