Agile oriented team that delivers

You will appreciate our agile approach in delivering frequent iterations focusing on more critical items first so that you can give feedback early on in the project.

We pride ourselves with our work ethic and commitment to get you happy by getting projects done and making sure it does what you need. NearSource has adopted Agile methodologies specifically SCRUM to deliver solutions in visible increments. After the project requirements are documented in a project scope write-up that is shared with the team, it is broken down into releases or sprints that are delivered on a regular basis to get continuous feedback. This methodology allows a degree of flexibility in the project during its development to make sure that the end result is what you need.

We Provide Mockups & Wireframes

Before actual programming is done, we normally procure wire-frames or mock-ups of the system for you to review and confirm that the designed solution meets your needs. Then we proceed to deliver periodic sprints that are submitted for review. We make an effort to make sure that the most important and tangible elements of a project are delivered first.

All Projects have Warranties

After delivery, there is a warranty period where you can submit corrections and minor revisions to the completed system to make sure that the solution will work for you. We stand by our projects and will be here to support whatever we deliver to you.

Agile Development Teamwork