Innovative Edge

Online Insertion Order System

Innovative Edge is a lead generation and sales/advertising company. Before working with NearSource they were depending on a manual process to generate and execute lead order forms via email and print outs. NearSource was hired to create an online version of the “Insertion Order” process where sales agents can enter the lead order details and send out these orders directly to the customer via email. This email has the correct attachments and forms needed based on the payment type and other factors. Customers would then receive the email, fill out the forms and send them back.

This system provided sales agents and their supervisors online access to their customer order history and track the order status. The insertion order systems has the necessary fields such as customer information, vertical type, number of leads, payment method which would be filled out by the agent, and this form would also have general information and terms that can be read by the customer. To facilitate repeat orders, users could select a past order and “duplicate” the order to then submit to the customer. The system allows the supervisor to manage sales rep users and view all orders.

This insertion order system has since been implemented for other lead generation companies in South Florida and is being used and updated as needed. It has been in use for more than 5 years.