Recording System

QuoteLogic is a group of advertising experts that offer leads for mortgage, auto warranty, home warranty, personal loan, life insurance, and auto insurance among other verticals and offer a variety of lead generation products. They needed a way to provide a system to their call center clients to manage, track and store these calls. The challenge was that the call center would just provide call recordings in an MP3 format without any details to their client, and they won’t have any way to properly identify anything from a call without hearing the recording. Their client needed a new voice recording management solution to solve this. Important data needed to identify from each audio file was:

  • Time of Call
  • Agent
  • Campaign or Category

NearSource designed and implemented a voice recording management solution for this business case where the call center uploads these audio mp3 files daily using a pre-defined filename syntax to a server. The recording solution processes these audio files nightly while indexing them in a database. This database stores all the necessary information and fields for each audio file which can be accessed by a web application. The web application allows the system administrator to view, search and filter audio recording files using different criteria like date, campaign, categories, call center and more. The user can do this quickly and also click on an audio file to listen to the recording.