We are Web Consultants and We will Tell You the Truth

Let’s talk about NearSource and what we do and do well: web solutions consulting.

A consultant is someone you can rely on to help make the best decisions in a particular field or subject, it’s like having an adviser who tells you the dos and don’ts of a problem. You might have a lot of ideas or maybe you don’t even know where to begin. That’s where we come in, we know how to go from point A to point B developing web solutions for your business using the most appropriate technologies for each business case.

You need to keep in mind: when you have an idea of a web solution/application or a web site you want to design, you may have a lot of ideas of you want to do with it. Let us tell you the ugly truth: not all of these ideas may be good, practical or even feasible. We have been doing web solutions consulting for 10+years and have even more combined years of experience from our team, so we can tell you what most likely has more chance of success or at least give you an idea of what will not work and why (we know a thing or two about web solutions, web development and related technologies).

We have a goal: “We Listen to what you want and deliver what you need”. We do our best to make things work right and work well for you. Your solution is not only supposed to look good but also feel good at the same time. When does it feel good? When it actually does what you need and does it efficiently. If you know your end goal is but you don’t know exactly how to get there, we will tell you what we think is the best for you, even when this means we can’t develop it for you or maybe advise against developing it in the first place. We want to provide high quality consulting services and try to solve your issues rather than simply “sell you anything”. We have made projects a lot smaller than they were originally designed to be because we realize what our clients really need,  we have even turned down projects in the past when they don’t make sense to us. We want to work with clients on promising projects that makes sense to them, and do them in a way that is more efficient, focusing on the key goals of each project.

We listen to you and we understand what you want and we aim to provide what you really need to be meet your goals. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you.


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