Website maintenance is critical

Whether you are running a WordPress website or a static html site, it is important to make sure your site is maintained and updated. New security holes and vulnerabilities are constantly showing up which require qualified people to perform tasks on your website or web server. Website maintenance needs to be performed periodically to keep your website secure and operational.

WordPress websites are not as simple as they used to be,  WordPress versions and plug-ins need to be updated to either offer more features or address security issues. If you use a WordPress theme, sometimes these have bugs or security flaws that get patched by the vendor. In most cases you can just update the plug-in using the WordPress back-end, but this can break the site. It is recommended to always backup your site before you do any updates. This is where NearSource comes in, our team provides website maintenance by does these updates in a test environment, resolves any issues and then proceed to repeat the process in the live site while minimizing down time.

Keep your website fresh and updated

Website content should be updated, you don’t want to have a “stagnant” website. Whether a site has updated content or not can affect search engine ranking. This is why many websites have a blog and/or news section. Website administrators will periodically add or update their blog posts with valuable and relevant content. They also need to keep their products and services updated. NearSource can help clients with these content updates, create new pages, update images, add blog posts to the site and social media and more.


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