Host your solutions on dependable servers

You don’t want your application hosted just anywhere. You need to make sure it is on a reliable service prepared for unpredictable disasters and that you have a team that can address issues that may arise.

NearSource provides a broad range of hosting & server maintenance solutions for your websites or web applications that can fit your budget. If you already have a trusted hosting solution set up, our team can help you support and monitor it. NearSource has an array of Windows and Linux based servers available for your use. All servers are protected behind firewalls and use external off-site backup solutions to make sure your data is protected in the case of hardware failure and other potential disasters.

In addition to offering hosting solutions, our team can help support you with your existing hosting infrastructure, identify potential issues and provide recommendations on how to address them. We can make sure your backup policies are setup correctly, server configuration is sufficient for your applications, apply OS patches and security updates as needed and more.

Available hosting & server maintenance services

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress & Plug-in Monitoring & Updates
  • Dedicated Hosting Solutions
  • Shared Hosting Solutions
  • Off site backups Configuration
  • Website & Ping Monitoring
  • Emergecy Tech Support
  • Server Maintenance and Patching for both Windows and Linux systems
  • Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel management
  • IIS and Apache Web Server Management
  • SQL Server Database Hosting
  • Website and Application Migration
  • On Demand Backups
  • Firewall and VPN setup
  • SSL Certificate Provisioning and Setup
  • Domain Management

Web Hosting

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